Please be aware, that the SSC for SPL SPL 28/29/45 will be at a new location from 20 August in the NIG building (Universitätsstraße 7), room C414/416. The previous locations will be given up. New opening hours will be posted as soon as possible. Due to the move the SSC will be closed from 20 to 23 August inclusive, and we will re-open for you on 26 August.

StudiesServiceCenter (UZA2)

Disciplines of Earth Sciences,
Meteorology–Geophysics and Astronomy

Directorate of Studies 28
Directorate of Studies 45

UZA2, Room 2A510
Althanstrasse 14
A-1090 Vienna

[Breakdown of the room number]

StudiesServiceUnit (NIG)

Discipline of Geography

Directorate of Studies 29
Directorate of Studies 45

NIG, Room A510
Universitaetsstrasse 7
A-1010 Vienna

[Breakdown of the room number]

Breakdown of the room number

Location UZA2

For example: Room 2A510

2 = UZA building 2
A = wing A
5 = 5th floor
10 = room number 10

Location NIG

For example: Room A510

A = corridor A
5 = 5th floor
10 = room number 10