Teacher education programme in Geography and Economics

Imparting knowledge about geography and economics

In brief, the school subject of geography and economics focuses on human beings, their behaviour in relation to geography and economics, and the impact of their activities. Austria is the only country where the subjects of geography and economics form a combined teaching subject.

The teacher education programme equips students with fundamental subject-specific and subject-didactic knowledge and methodical expertise in the two central subject areas of geography and economics. The subject-specific contents taught are based on the educational objectives and teaching contents defined in the respective school curricula. During their studies, students specialise and expand their competences in certain aspects of geography and economics, as well as in the areas of subject-specific didactics, critical media education and vocational orientation.

Graduates have the necessary skills to identify their pupils’ individual learning requirements and help them achieve their learning objectives in the subject of geography and economics. The degree programme enables them to create learning processes at school that simulate the methods commonly applied in academic research. This approach aims at encouraging exploratory learning: pupils learn how to use their curiosity to identify problems and implement adequate research steps to arrive at new insights.