General information

The directorate of studies 45 is responsible for the curriculum of the doctoral programme in natural sciences and technical sciences in the field of natural sciences (791) in the dissertation areas:

and for the curriculum of the doctoral programme in social sciences (784) in the dissertation area:

Information and Admission

Detailed and up-to-date information on admission, procedure, supervision and planning of the doctoral programme including all forms from the submission of the doctoral thesis to the final documents can be found on the homepage:


Statistical survey on the occasion of graduation (obligatory)

Statistics Austria is commissioned to conduct this survey by decree of the Federal Ministry of Science and Research. Participation is compulsory for students who have completed a degree programme on the basis of the Ordinance on Statistical Surveys of Students at Universities and in University of Applied Sciences Degree Programmes, Federal Law Gazette II No.523/2003 as amended, pursuant to § 9 para. 6 Education Documentation Act.

Please fill in the online form at and submit the confirmation when registering for the defence at
(the English Version can be found by choosing the option at the top of that website.)