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The University of Vienna requires certain forms and procedures in addition to those required by the 4CITIES Master's Program in Urban Studies. Those concerning the master’s thesis are detailed below. All required forms are linked for download. More information will be provided during the "Urban Research & the Master's Thesis” preparatory course.

Registration of the Master’s Thesis Topic

The forms “Registration of the Master’s Thesis Topic”, “Master’s Thesis Disposition”, and “Scientific Rules” are required from all 4CITIES students. Digital or scanned signatures are acceptable. For the “Master’s Thesis Disposition” form, the content of the thesis abstract prepared for the Vienna Thesis Seminar can be used. For 4CITIES students whose supervisor is NOT based at the University of Vienna, the form “External Supervisor Data” must also be completed and submitted. Completed forms should be delivered to 4CITIES Asst. Program Coordinator Joshua Grigsby by 30 June during the Vienna semester.

Note: Theses can be written in the form of a peer-reviewed published paper (info in German).

Submission of the Master's Thesis (digital)

All 4CITIES students are required to submit a digital (PDF) copy of their completed master's thesis to the plagiarism-check system at https://hopla.univie.ac.at by 23:59 on 01 September of the year of graduation. All theses must be in A4 format and include a standardized cover sheet and signed affidavit (first page after the cover sheet). Only one file can be uploaded.

You might notice that the degree listed on the “Vienna Thesis Cover Sheet” form is a Master of Arts (MA). This is the degree that the University of Vienna awards 4CITIES graduates, who will also receive a joint Master of Science (MSc.) degree from the 4CITIES partner universities.

Submission of the Master's Thesis (printed)

All 4CITIES students are also required to submit two (2) printed copies of their completed master's thesis with standard black hardcover binding. Printed copies should be delivered either in person or via post to the StudienServiceCenter by 30 September of the year of graduation:

StudienServiceCenter Geowissenschaften, Geographie und Astronomie
NIG, Universitätstraße 7
1010 Vienna, Austria