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Registration for courses

The University of Vienna distinguishes 2 different categories of courses

  1. Lectures (VO) are courses with non-continuous assessment (npi LV). Attendance is not compulsory; the proof of performance is provided by means of a written or oral examination.     
  2. All other types of courses are courses with continuous assessment (pi LV), where attendance is compulsory: exercise (UE), seminar (SE), introductory seminar (PS), field trip (EX), lecture with exercise (VU), practical course (PR). The course with continuous assessment represents an examination process that extends over the entire duration of the course and includes at least two partial performances to be achieved.

Registration phase and cycle of allocation

The registration phase for courses with continuous assessment usually starts at the beginning of September for the winter semester and at the beginning of February for the summer semester. The specific registration periods will be published in the News section as well as on u:find under the respective courses.
During these registration phases, there is no first-come-first-served principle.

These registration deadlines do not apply to courses with non-continuous assessment. Here, registration can also take place during the semester, for example. Please note, however, that for the use of electronic learning aids (e.g. moodle) for the respective course as well as for the registration for examination, timely registration is necessary. 

The allocation of places in courses with a limited number of participants will be carried out in the bachelor's programs of directorate of studies 29 (bachelor's programme in Geography and bachelor teacher education) by means of a study path-dependent cycle of allocation.

For SPL 29 master's programs, allocation is made through the preference system.

Registration procedure

The registration for courses is done through u:space.

Follow the registration link in the course directory u:find for course registration. You can find this link at the respective course under "Registration/Deregistration" -> "Register/Deregister for this course". (Attention: This link is only active during the registration phase for courses with continuous assessment).

Registration for courses with prerequisite chain:
If registration for a course is only possible under prerequisites and you do not fulfill the corresponding prerequisite(s), you cannot register for the corresponding course. It is not possible to register for a course without fulfilling the prerequisite chain. The respective prerequisites can be found in the curriculum of the respective degree programme.

  • The status for courses with continuous assessment appears after your digital registration as "Allocation by registration deadline", the allocation of places in courses takes place after the end of the registration phase.
  • If you are on the waiting list, please attend the first unit of the course as there may be free places.
  • In the case of courses with continuous assessment, attendance at the first course unit is absolutely necessary. In case of unauthorised absence, you will lose your place in the course and it will be given to persons on the waiting list.
  • The status "Registered" shows you that the registration was successful for both courses with continuous assessment and courses with non-continuous assessment.
  • Registration for courses with non-continuous assessment is also done via u:find or u:space. However, no prerequisites are checked (e.g. StEOP). This is only done when registering for the corresponding examination.

Link to further information on this subject on the homepage of the Teaching Affairs and Student Services service unit

Registration for examinations

Courses with non-continuous assessment

  • In order to be able to take an examination in courses with non-continuous assessment (npi LV), it is necessary to register for the respective exam via u:space. The earliest possible exam date usually takes place in or close to the last course unit. A total of at least 4 exam dates are offered; at the end of the semester and at the beginning, middle and end of the following semester.
  • The dates are published in u:find directly at the respective course.
  • Note: Registration is only possible by fulfilling the prerequisite chain if the course has prerequisites.

Courses with continuous assessment

For courses with continuous assessment (pi LV), no separate examination registration is necessary after the course registration. You will receive all details about the required proofs of performances directly in the respective course.

Examination before an examination committee (resit)

Students are allowed to repeat negatively assessed exams three times (four examination attempts). The fourth attempt has to be an examination before an examination committee and to be registered via the SSC.