Master's degree in Astronomy, Earth Sience, Environmental Science, Meteorology

1. Hand in record of exams

As soon as all required examination (contains classes and and all assotiated ECTS) have been completed, inform the SSC GGA via e-mail (use your unet-account of the University of Vienna). Make sure that all exams are assigned to the correct module. If you have to change exames to other modules, please inform the SSC in your e-mail.

ATTENTION: Overfulfilment of modules is not allowed. Additional exams, which exceed the required achievments according to the curriculum, are therefore shifted to the module of interest!

2. Submitting the Master's thesis

Submission of the academic thesis

A prerequisite for the submission of the academic thesis is the approval of the topic and supervision, as well as the submission of the form "Regulations relating to good scientific practice".

The formal requirements for academic theses must be observed.  For data protection reasons, no curriculum vitae or affidavit must be included.

Further information on the use of publications in academic theses can be found on the website of the office of the Studienpräses.

Submission procedure

  1. Start by uploading your thesis on u:space so that it can be checked for plagiarism. Once you have uploaded the document, you will receive an upload confirmation ("Hochladebestätigung) .
  2. If any textual similarities are detected between your work and other texts, the study program management will examine whether it constitutes plagiarism. Please do not proceed with printing your thesis until you have received feedback (via email to your u:account) confirming a seccessful plagiarism check. The printed version must exactly match the electronically submitted version.
  3. After a successful plagiarism check, you must submit the hard-bound copy of your thesis. ATTENTION: Send the upload Confirmation ("Hochladebestätigung) via e-mail to the SSC.


Please note: From 05.03.2024, the digital version of the academic thesis has to be submitted via u:space.


​​Firstly, you need to review and verify the data in  u:space that will be printed on the title page. This information is automatically loaded from university’s database and includes your name and academic degrees, as well as details regarding the supervision of your thesis.

Every thesis must contain a German abstract of at least 500 characters. The abstract is a brief summary of the central points of your thesis. Optionally, you can also include an English abstract.

For the title page of the thesis, there are concrete specifications regarding the layout and the data listed. To ensure that your title page is correct in terms of form and content, the system in u:space will create it automatically from your data.
Please do not use a title page you have created yourself in advance, as this will not be accepted during the formal check.

Assessment of the Master's thesis:

After the plagiarism check, the Master's thesis is forwarded by the SSC to the supervisor together with the evaluation form. After a maximum evaluation period of 8 weeks, the form is returned to the SSC together with a corresponding report from the supervisor.

Reports submitted directly to the SSC by students cannot be accepted.

3. Defensio

After receipt of the assessment, you will receive a form for registering for the final defence together with your Master's thesis report. Fill in all the fields you need to fill in, including the first and second examiners and the chairperson (these three persons form the examination committee) as well as a date agreed upon with all committee members. If you need a room for the examination please contac the SSC.

In principle, the chair - depending on the respective subject area - is taken over by the directorate of studies (it can be deligated to another professor). The first examiner is always the supervisor of the Master's thesis. The second examiner must be chosen and contacted by you - depending on the field of research, focus of the topic, etc.

For the registration submit:

  • Form: Registration for the Defence (which you'll receive from the SSC by email)
  • Confirmation from Statistics Austria for the final survey (UHStat2)

to the SSC by e-mail at least two weeks before the scheduled date of the defence examination.

After reconfirmation of all commission members, you will receive a confirmation of the fixed date including room details from the SSC.

Please discuss the subject matter and procedure of the defnesio in advance with the examiners and, if applicable, with the director of studies.

4. Final Documents

After the defensio, the documents are processed by the SSC GGA and the degree certificate as well as the official notice of degree award are issued. This can take up to four weeks. The final documents will be sent to your University of Vienna webmail adress by means of a digital signature.

If the documents are also required in paper form, please inform the SSC GGA. As soon as they are ready, you will be informed by e-mail and can pick them up within our opening hours (appointment booking necessary).