Master's thesis

The completion of a Master's degree requires the writing of a scientific thesis. There is no time limit for starting a Master's thesis. With regard to completion, according to the curriculum, a topic must be chosen that can be worked on in one semester. According to the curriculum, there is no time limit for the completion of the thesis - however, you must have completed and submitted your thesis in order to take the final defensio (Master's final examination).

Submitting notification of the topic of the Master's thesis

To register the Master's thesis topic and the supervisor, please submit the following documents via e-mail (use the webmail account of the University of Vienna) to the SSC GGA.


Who is allowed to supervise?

In principle, all persons who are habilitated (Univ.-Prof., assoz. Prof., Privatdozent) or have an equivalent degree may supervise a Master's thesis.

Registration assistant supervisor

If the topic of a Master's thesis and the supervisor have already been approved th supervisor (habilitated or associated) may request the support of a member by an employee of the University of Vienna with a doctorate (Postdoc).

  • The approval of assissten supervisior by the Vice-Dean for Teaching is permissible if
  • the staff member agrees to the assistent supervision, the topic of the Master's thesis or diploma thesis is in line with the scientific focus of the staff member and
  • the other tasks of the staff member the other duties of the staff member in research and teaching ar not impaired.

The form (german only) must be filled out by the persons involved (supervisor, assisstent supervisor, student) and sent to the SSC via e-mail. After the requirements have been checked, the application will be sent to the Vice Dean for Teaching for approval.