Master's programme in Physics of the Earth (Geophysics)

(Joint master's programme)

Copyright: contains modified Copernicus Sentinel data (2016), processed by ESA , CC BY-SA 3.0 IGO

The degree programme in Physics of the Earth focuses on the functioning of the earth, and the exploration of its structure. It thus approaches some of the major challenges facing humanity that arise through our dependence on natural resources, and our need for environmental and societal safety.

The joint master’s programme is a two-year programme offered by the major universities of Austria and Slovakia: The University of Vienna and Comenius University in Bratislava build on complementary strength and expertise.

Physics of the Earth refers to our physical environment, and to what we can learn about it through the application of principles from physics. The focus of the degree programme is on furthering the exposure to mathematics and physics as relevant in the Physics of the Earth, and the quantitative methods used in the field. Students learn how to observe and mathematically describe phenomena occurring in the earth’s interior.

Students obtain a strong knowledge of seismology and elastic wave propagation as well as of the gravity and magnetic field of the earth. The fundamental education advances analytical thinking, independence, and the development of problem-solving competence that can be applied to questions of basic research as well as in the industrial sector.

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